Social Life@JICM Bhopal

Social Life @ JICM Bhopal

The JICM Bhopal Student Council has been established by the students who have successfully organized numerous activities and events. Among the Student Council there are interface committee, events committee, editorial board, placement committee and special interest groups.

Mentioned below are some special measures taken by JICM Bhopal to foster student interaction and growth.  


The Buddy System is especially held every year for the new intake. It promotes student participation in different activities that help them to feel at home.


Every month the student council arranges special events for the students and volunteering programs for the local community. The idea is to contribute cultural and social elements to one’s academic life, thereby making every student’s stay pleasant and interesting.


Having a little FUN never hurts anyone. And after the gruelling classroom and practical sessions, everyone would want to let their hair down. JICM Bhopal Management and Student Council step in here to make students enjoy themselves by arranging for different Cultural Events.

JICM Bhopal conducts varied events from Navratri, Deepawali, Christmas to Fresher’s Party, Valentine’s Day and Holi. The list does not ends here. There are more fun-filed events conducted like Bollywood Night, Colours of India, Independence Day, Asian Themed Dinner etc. to keep the fun times going.

In short, we make sure that you never miss out on lighter things in Life while preparing for the bigger World.

Besides these above mentioned events, student restaurants, cafeterias, food courts and other recreational areas on campus are a natural meeting place for students. At JICM Bhopal, our aim is to provide social and cultural activities to every student, making them feel right at home.