The Best part about the college is the friendly faculty. One can always come up with any doubt under the sky and is served to the fullest. JICM is a beautiful place to spend time at, its more of a second home than a collage. It’s a privilege and an achievement in itself to be a graduate from JICM. This place gives me immense confidence for a bright future.


In those dark times of not clearing IIT, Jicm accepted me with arms wide open and the supported me throughout to realize my true potential. I realized, this is where I belong, fate brought me here, my skills will take me further and this experience would make me the “MAN” I would never have been. JICM- a place where futures are made

Tanvi Gupta

Apart from having a superb infrastructure, JICM conducts time to time events and seminars which create a sort of interest and excitement among the student community.

Harsh Shandilya

JICM has a very different style of teaching with modern technologies which create interest, apart from that courts, canteen and healthy learning environment.

Akansha Agarwal

JICM is bridging the gap between me and my dream Job. JICM is bringing up the talents of the students and providing various opportunities to students.

Saurav Kumar

After finishing my BBM from one of top colleges in Bangalore I was looking for a college which give me a specific direction. I was not willing to join a traditional MBA programme which is not relevant to industry. At JICM Bhopal we follow industry recommended syllabus and get top industry professionals to nurture students than any other B School in Metros. In campus I breathe in and breathe out Digital Marketing where I directly communicate with industry on regular basis. Presently working on live projects from campus where we play a role of Student and Management trainee!

Ashish Tomar    

Studying in JICM Bhopal feels like learning from home. The more time I spend in the campus, the more I get to learn from the Industrial exposure provided by professionals having immense experience to share with us and further aid in our learning. I personally feel special to interact with them in person. The knowledge which I’m getting can be showcased in comma building me as a brand in the long run. The campus is very beautifully constructed and designed that gives me the feeling of studying in a premium institution and pumps up my confidence to study well.


Studying in JICM Bhopal is altogether a wonderful experience. It perfectly matches to its image of being a practice school. Its practice elements like in-house ad agency pristine ideas; communication bulletin (COMMA) gives student an immense exposure of the industry. Students have guidance of faculties and expertise from industry. And add on to it is the beautiful campus with proper studying environment for students.


After having a look at the infrastructure of the collage the first impression was explosive and beyond my imagination, but at the same time there was a doubt regarding the seriousness  of the institute for studies, but after attending the first session with the management and the faculty all my doubts were cleared till the core. JICM Bhopal is providing their students with maximum exposure and high level of education. The institute is inviting best faculty form the market leaving us with an open window to know the market and the industry in depth.

JICM Bhopal has a unique feature as it says “THE 1 PRACTICE SCHOOL” that is it not only provides the bookish knowledge or not only provides theoretical knowledge but also cultivate the practical aspect in the student which is very vital in the communication sector. The module which the institute follows is very good and effective.

Bhavya Rathi

JICM Bhopal is just the right place for the aspiring marketing communication managers. This B-school is giving us best exposure to the industry. Apart from theoritical knowledge, this institute is providing us pratical knowledge too. It gives us LIVE projects and assignments which help us to enable and enhance our skills. JICM Bhopal provides us best training and lectures from the industry experts which help us to know about the working in the industry. JICM Bhopal rocks....!!!